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Host & Executive Producer

Molly Merwin

Molly is an actor, producer, and podcaster. Most recently, for three seasons, she hosted and produced How To Survive Your Life, a comedy podcast giving you life advice (albeit sometimes questionable) on surviving everything from shame to friendship to love. She also hosted Bras Off, a chat show with trailblazing women in arts, politics, and business, on Women's Radio Station. As an actor, she has performed in the US, UK, and Germany and mostly recently completed a project with the BBC. She was the Assistant Producer for Dangerous Giant Animals, an award-winning Edinburgh Fringe show, Lead Producer for the Slapdash International Improv Festival, and Local Producer for the LA-based Dakota Film production company. She earned a MA in Acting with Distinction from ALRA and a BA in Communications and Media Studies from Clayton State University.

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